Run Ninja Run Game

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Run Ninja Run HTML5

Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run is a great platform game. Escape your enemies by jumping and sliding above and below obstacles with the arrow keys, as you sprint along the 2D landscape, collect gold to buy upgrades along the way.
Ninja was captured and had to escape. Once he succeeds, he must race for his life. Jump over time on the rocks and crawl below them. After escaping from the prison, you have been followed by enemies everywhere. They follow you, quickly run away! There will be many dangers along the way, you will have to jump, slide and attack in time to escape safely.
One of the most important skills of Ninja, except for obvious skills such as accuracy and cold blood, is the running skill.
Help the ninja run as far as possible! This intense jumping game has smooth action and tons of obstacles. You will have the opportunity to run and jump over everything in sight. You can collect gold bars along the way, this will improve your skills!
This time with 14 new levels of mind bends, new skills new interactive objects to use, new obstacles to avoid and new style moves. Prepare yourself for an action ride and try to beat all levels.

How to play Run Ninja Run

Your job is simple: Jump, slide and attack at the right time. What’s new? The runner is a Ninja!
Game control: Arrows = Jump / Slide, Spacebar = Attack
You will have to jump, slide and attack at the right time. Try to collect gold to upgrade your skills to jump higher, slide longer or increase your attacks. Your skills and speed will be tested to the maximum. Collect all the keys in this fun platform game and go to the magic keys to pass the level.