Shadow Adventure Game

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Shadow Adventure HTML5

Shadow Adventure

Shadow Adventure

Shadow Adventure is a surprisingly unique platformer game. Collect carrots and avoid your own shadow spawn.
This cute bunny needs your help in the forest! Help him collect carrots and reach the finish flag. But you must be careful as the evil shadows of the bunny will be chasing him. Don’t touch them or the bunny will die.
Look at this cute bunny! His only aim is to collect the carrots around but he is in trouble with his shadows! Can you help him collect the carrots and reach the white flag safely?
Play with your own shadow. Once you get the carrots a clone will appear which copy your last movements. Avoid them, and go to the white flag.
Your bunny needs to collect all the carrots, which he can find on his adventurous journey. The problem occurs when you bump into your shadow. In such a situation, it will mean the end of the game for you and the complete level have to be repeated. The aim is to reach the white flag, but it appears only if you eat all the carrots on the playing area. Completely easy to use, friendly graphical processing and particularly the quantity of the elaborated levels that will entertain you.

How to play Shadow Adventure

- Use the arrow keys to move him
– Use the A and D keys to control
– Use the W KEY to jump
Move in any direction and start your adventure. The clock is ticking, so do everything fast. Collect carrots and reach the white flag. Dodge grey shadows, that follow your step!