Shape Fold Game

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Shape Fold HTML5

Shape Fold

Shape Fold

Shape Fold is one of the intellectual games on the theme of puzzles designed with creative ideas that has created a great attraction for many players. In this game, Shape Fold requires you to arrange a set of pieces to form a specific shape. This will not be an easy task considering that the pieces are connected by hinges. One piece is a bit darker than the other pieces fixed in its place.
The game has many levels, each stage will correspond to a new frame and the player’s task is to arrange the components in the correct order to get a complete frame, especially all those The components of a frame are all interlinked, and this makes the game unique, requiring the player to perform operations in the correct order.
This game will push the limits of your thinking ability. You need good logic to be able to arrange the pieces correctly, most complete and fastest. It will not be simple, but this will certainly be a game that attracts players for hours to help players temporarily forget the hardships and stresses that are encountered. Get ready to conquer every puzzle, complete the frames with the fastest time you can.

How to play Shape Fold

The game will not cause difficulties for players when just using the mouse to drag the pieces around, fold them to match the patterns in this easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master puzzle game. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase and it makes the player more difficult to control. Therefore, give yourself a most reasonable strategy to be able to quickly conquer this game.