Shape Inlay Game

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Shape Inlay HTML5

Shape Inlay

Shape Inlay

Shape Inlay is a game in which the player must take shapes from the bottom of the screen and drop them into position on the game board. Rotate the shapes around for the best fit before you place them. Plan ahead and fill the entire board before the tiles stacked on the bottom.
Try to use up all available space. When you click on a shape, you cannot deselect it, so choose carefully. If you need to remove the shape, you can drop it into the left hole. This will cost you – up to 1,000 points depending on how big the shape is.
The small red triangles are the most important part of the game, as they can fill in the small gaps you are sure to create. There is a trick for players that should not use red triangles, just let them accumulate in the lower left. When the tables are almost completed, you can use them to quickly fill in all the small triangular spaces.
Shape Inlay is almost like a puzzle game you often play, so people need to give yourself the strategy and precision to be able to complete the game perfectly.

How to play Shape Inlay

The silhouette of the figure will be displayed when the game opens, while random cells of different shapes will scroll from right to left at the bottom of the screen. Click on any cell to select it and you can press the Space bar on your keyboard to rotate it. Then click and drag the piece onto the larger image and release the mouse to place it. Points will be given based on the size of the tiles.
Don’t leave bricks stacked at the bottom of the screen or you’ll get in big trouble. You can eliminate by dropping the pieces into the trash for negative points.