Shell Shockers 2 Game

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Shell Shockers 2 HTML5

Shell Shockers 2

Shell Shockers 2

Shell Shockers 2 is a battle between ruthless eggs.
You will join with a lot of players from around the world to immerse in the killer eggs. You must always maintain a fighting spirit, ready to join the battle of fearless and ruthless eggs.
The game has smoother and more fun graphics with the new version.
Choose a nick of your own, join the battle, search and destroy all enemies with machine guns and pistols by shooting at the eggs you encounter, causing it to explode.
Beware of deadly enemy eggs, they also have the ability to use machine guns and pistols similar to you, shoot and blow you up. They move very fast and run wildly, be careful because they will probably shoot you suddenly from behind.
There are many in-game items that you can collect, which are all helpful to you, making you more powerful to kill enemies more easily.
The game shows how talented you are and survives in these relentless egg battles.
Moderate fighting to protect himself while achieving high scores through killing his opponents.
This game is completely free for any activity related to this game and for all players of all ages.
This game will bring you exciting moments of relaxation after a day of work and study hard, helping you kill time very well such as when you are waiting for the bus or you are waiting for someone or you Waiting in line.

How to play  Shell Shockers 2

Shell Shockers 2 uses ASD to move and left mouse to shoot. This is one of the selected shooting games at our site, it will definitely bring you interesting experiences and you should join to experience it firsthand. In addition, our website has many other interesting games. If you love this game you can play often and recommend to your friends and relatives to play.