Short Ride Game

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Short Ride HTML5

Short Ride

Short Ride

Short Ride is a bloody bike riding game. It is the sequel of the popular Short Life game. In this game, you have to dodge hazards, collect stars and try to survive a gauntlet of destruction. Short Ride is the sequel to the popular game Short Life. Get on your bike and help your hapless rider see another day! In this episode, our hero doesn’t walk. Instead, he rides around on a bicycle. You must help him to cycle around and avoid the various dangerous objects that he comes across!
The side-scrolling gameplay is fun and bloody. If you get knocked by an object, you can lose limbs and blood will fly everywhere! There are many different levels to play through and each one presents a different challenge and a new set of obstacles. Can you complete this simple short ride and come out alive?
Riding a bicycle without proper precautions can be dangerous as shown in this game Short Ride. Always wear a helmet and other safety gear. Many very dangerous obstacles will appear in each level. You must avoid them while riding on your bike.

How to play Short Ride

- Left and right arrow keys / A, D – Move left and right
– Up arrow / W – Accelerate
– Space bar – Get on/off the bicycle
Gameplay tips & tricks:
– Make sure to control the orientation of the bike as well as the speed.
– Just like Short Life, each level has 3 stars to collect. Grab them for bonuses!
– As long as your bike still has wheels, you can ride it, even if you fall off.