Sift Heads 3 Game

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Sift Heads 3 HTML5

Sift Heads 3

Sift Heads 3

Sift Heads 3 is an action game. Vinnie is back. Assassinate the people who are trying to kill you, or you will get killed by them. Well from the start we can see that the game has taken the same precedence as its predecessors, violence, gore and all-round fun! However, existing players will realize that the game has taken a different turn, now instead of a first-person shooter, the game has turned into a third-person beat ‘em up game.
The gangsters have attacked Vinnie’s house trying to take him out, but have failed and he has escaped, and now wants his revenge, so your task is to go to the gangsters’ hideaway and take out all of the goons.
When you start the sift heads 3 games you can choose from one of three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard and you start at chapter one and develop through to different chapters until completion.
You start with a basic tutorial, which all new players should follow to get to grips with the game, as the previous games will not help you with this one. You will soon find out what the directional buttons are, W is to jump, A directs your character left, S blocks, Q changes weapon, E reloads, and D to go right. Your other control is the left click of your mouse to attack or click multiple times for a combination attack.

How to play Sift Heads 3

- Use the keys W, A, S, D to walk
– Use Q key to switch weapons.
– Use the E key to reload
– Use the mouse to aim and fire.
– On some levels, icons appear on the screen, press the corresponding letter on your keyboard as quickly as possible or you will fail the task.