Sift Heads 4 Game

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Sift Heads 4 HTML5

Sift Heads 4

Sift Heads 4

In Sift Heads 4, you can choose a number of heads from around the world on Vinnie vacations. When you start, you will recognize a globe with lots of red dots around, these are your missions and their locations. It depends on where you start, you should start in France, simply because this is the first place you will see and the easiest place to start.
When you click on the country in the game Sift Heads 4, you will be shown your tasks, however, you can only see the first mission for each country and when you pass the missions you open. the next lock. You are given your place, assigned tasks and cash rewards. When you click through to access the mission, you can buy your gun and then it will be transferred to your mission.
The task briefings are a bit confusing, and this is where the fun comes, taking someone out with a big goal on their heads is fun, but not hard. Sift Heads 4 makes it difficult, for example, your first task (if you start in France) is to bring a lawyer on a beach, however, there are a few people on the beach. Your giveaway is the fact he is on a laptop, which you can barely see. This may not seem hard, but it’s just because I told you it’s not!

How to play Sift Heads 4

- Use mouse to interact with all features of the game.
Hints and tips
– A lot of tasks require patience, be careful and think about what the briefings say.
– Think about the gun you buy related to the mission, Berretta will not be accurate enough for sniper missions.