Sift Heads 5 Game

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Sift Heads 5 HTML5

Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5 is the sequel to the exciting and engaging Sift Heads series. With 20 fierce missions, shooting action, character interaction, sniper mode, 9 selectable weapons, custom clothing, bonus cheat and more. Vinnie goes back to town and does what he does best. A master hunter/bounty hunter, Vinnie is quite adept at sifting heads, but this time, someone is chasing himself. Through interaction with other characters in the game, Vinnie learns the horrible things that the Gray Mafia leader is staging in his town. He learns new goals through these conversations.
Players have the option to go through a list of targets in any order they want as long as these objects are unlocked. The goal is unlocked as the game progresses, most notably the last 10, located on the right side of the list, which are monetary targets instead of killing them. Some of these tasks will not work unless you complete the tasks in a certain order. For example, Money Lover (17), where Vinnie slept with Shorty, must be completed before the Palace Massacre (9) because Shorty went missing after that mission. In addition, Wallet (11) must be the first target to be removed from the list.

How to play Sift Heads 5

The basic game is done with the mouse. Vinnie moves to positions by left-clicking and when he fights, the activation is also activated by the left mouse button. The keyboard is mainly used for reloading by pressing the “R” key and turning on and off Ag aggressive mode (holding gun) by pressing the space bar. Vinnie has a choice of nine different weapons throughout the game and has additional rewards for changing outfits to keep the stick-man theme fresh. Simply drive the hood to the clothing store and pick out a new outfit for your character.