Sift Heads Game

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Sift Heads HTML5

Sift Heads

Sift Heads

Sift Heads is a first-person shooter, where you are trying to get the bad guys, in each stage you get a mission, and you must pass this mission to move on to the next mission. . On each mission, you are shown its name, target, weapon and a hint, which you should always look at.
The first mission is called hit-run and depicts a sunny beach setting, with some random people and a giant horse rider; You will notice your bullets, how many clips you have and your life in the lower right corner. Soon, you will notice a random guy holding a briefcase passing by.
If spy movies have taught us one thing, it’s that man with a briefcase always aiming for something! Therefore, there are no prizes, to guess who you have to shoot in Sift Heads when you shoot him the hummer speed away, and you move on to the next level. Between levels, you will find the animation of the man quite interesting, I recommend you watch and do not skip, mainly to extend the life of the game, but also because its parts are similar. like godfather, but with stick figure!

How to play Sift Heads

- Use mouse to move around, interact with characters, activate action points and to aim or shoot.
– Press the SPACE key to change your armament.
– Press the R key to load bullets.
Hints and tips:
– Right-click on the screen and click enlarge this way, your targets appear closer to you and make them easier to eliminate, however, this will bring some interesting things to the game. play, so might just make it harder than the level.
– Always follow the prompts at the top of the level, otherwise you will soon find the game too difficult to complete.