Sim Taxi Game

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Sim Taxi HTML5

Sim Taxi

Sim Taxi

Sim Taxi is an engaging taxi game. This game involves a taxi driver who is trying to deliver his passengers to the destination and make more money by collecting the golden coins on the road. Suppose you were that taxi driver, do you prepare enough to complete your driving job? According to the rules, the player has to send his passenger to an appointed place at a limited time and avoid crashing other cars on the road Furthermore, the difficulty of this game will increase, which means that it requires players’ carefulness and good driving abilities. Now, are you ready to play this awesome game?
In Sim Taxi, The major goal of this game called sim taxi is to find the customers and transfer them to their relevant destinations as soon as possible without making any damage to your taxi. An operator will help you in locating your passengers. You have a compass on your left to guide you through all your locations, hence you don’t have to worry about finding the exact location of the destination. Don’t worry if you don’t know the locations, there’s a compass on the top left to guide you.
This game is so much fun and very popular in the card games category. Playing a real life taxi driver in this game is more fun. Picking up customers and dropping them to their destinations will earn you cash. Drive the bus to the destination and make lots of money by driving fast. Change radio stations as required and keep the fuel tank full. Work with broadcasters to welcome new guests!

How to play Sim Taxi

- Drive Around = Arrow keys
– Music On / Off = M or N Keys
– Radio = R Key
– Switch Radio Stations = 1, 2, 3 Keys