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Skribbl Io is a creative drawing game combined with many players. In this game, players must fight each other with their own drawings and knowledge, turn the puzzles into the drawn objects and try to guess them.

The game consists of many people playing together, each draw in turn, the selected user must draw whatever word they give. The remaining players will guess it to gain points. By drawing and guessing, the player must be extremely fast and maintain concentration to be able to guess correctly and quickly, guess the word faster, the more points the player gets. Accurately guess the more and the faster the player gets the more points and stands at the top. At the top of the screen, the word is underlined – this allows the player to know how many letters of the word to guess. For each round, there is a timer – if the player cannot guess the word within the specified time, they will not earn any points. The person with the most points at the end of the game will be crowned the winner.

This game is free to play with a very simple way of playing will bring lots of fun to those who love word games, and they will also be the ones who give the riddle. At the same time, this game also helps you train your brain, help you have quick reflexes, think flexibly and improve your creativity through drawings about.

How to play Skribbl io game?

Skribbl Io has a very simple way of playing, when you are the one who gives the puzzle, you just need to draw the drawing of the puzzle with the mouse on the screen and let everyone guess, as a guesser, you will enter the characters on his answer. If you like this game, please play and introduce your friends to play, but you can also play other games at our website.