Slice the Box Game

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Slice the Box HTML5

Slice the Box

Slice the Box

Slice the Box is a unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into awesome shapes, in which the player’s job is to cut off the excess to create interesting shapes. Players will be limited by the number of cuts, the length of a cut and where it can be cut. Therefore, this is considered to be an interesting game with very intellectual challenges guaranteed to make players crush the cover immediately.
Slice the Box shares the same mechanism as other video games, but is more eye-catching and has more interesting features. The first interesting point is that the player is not limited by only being cut once but depending on the level you will have up to 6 points in one cut. This makes adjustments to cuts and makes it easier to cut large blocks such as houses or balls.
Game with great graphics, neat menu interface and how to end the level. When the player completed a cut in a certain level you are cutting a cube but then, through the imagination of that cube character turns into something. So you will be surprised that a slice of a ball will turn into a real ball, a house will turn into a real home, etc. In general, Slice the Box is not the first game that combines cutting and drawing. It does a really good job compared to other games of the same type.

How to play Slice the Box

- The player will left click on the – button to place a score.
– Click on the Space bar – to delete the last point.
– Press the R button – restart level.
– Press Esc – exit to menu.