Slime Laboratory 2 Game

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Slime Laboratory 2 HTML5

Slime Laboratory 2

Slime Laboratory 2

Slime Laboratory 2 is an exciting slime physics game for players to experience. Coming to the game, you have to help the green slime to escape from the lab again. Collect floppy disks, overcome dangerous obstacles and survive. Be skillful in controlling his character for him to survive. Your slime can explode at any time if you last too much. Collect all slime on your way to increase your size. The bigger you are, the higher you can jump. Avoid touching any sharp objects and lasers, they will kill you. Get ready to face all the most exciting and challenging levels ever seen by a small green ball in this platform-based adventure game. Use all your physical knowledge and gaming skills to avoid being stabbed with spikes, being burned with acid, being shot with a laser, and even torn in half! That there is no way to take care of a slime ball, so be careful and you can just go to the end and order the free Slime again.
Start the game to help him get rid of the hideous experiments that are waiting for him. Be prepared for challenging levels because there are too many obstacles to avoid and overcome, such as lasers, toxic sea, sharp bands. Can you help the small Slime reach the final door in Slime 2 Lab?

How to play Slime Laboratory 2

Use your left and right arrows to move. Press the up arrow to jump, the down arrow to become smooth and flatten yourself to be able to pass through the narrow area. Hit your space bar to stretch your tongue and eat the wasps.