Slime Laboratory Game

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Slime Laboratory HTML5

Slime Laboratory

Slime Laboratory 

Slime Laboratory is an exciting game for people of all ages. Coming to the game, your task is to help a green slime escape the laboratory. It will be difficult because you will have to overcome all the different obstacles and survive. Use your left and right arrow keys to move. Press the up arrow to jump, the down arrow to become sleek and travel through tight spaces. Do not stretch too much or your slime will explode. Remember to collect slime on the way to increase your size. You can see your current dimensions on Slime-o-meters. The bigger you are, the higher you can jump. Avoid traps and lasers. Try to make it through each level of life. There are 15 levels in the game and you have 5 minutes to complete each level. So you have to finish the game as fast as possible because it will affect the score you get.
Be prepared to face the most exciting and challenging levels ever seen by a small green ball in an adventure game platform. Use all your physical knowledge and gaming skills to avoid being stabbed with spikes, being burned with acid, being shot with a laser, and even being torn in half. That’s not the way to take care of a slime ball, so be careful and you can just go to the end and release Slime again.

How to play Slime Laboratory

Use the arrow keys to move your slime and jump. Press the button down to flatten yourself and travel through tight spaces. Dodge traps, avoid lasers, and try to pass each level of life!