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Description: is a game developed based on classic snake game. is still simple but full of charisma when it comes to a battle between many players around the world.
Control your snake on the frame, avoid hitting other snakes, eat glowing orbs, stars … to grow. Destroy opponents with their own tactics to eat all the small circles and increase the volume quickly for their snake. The length of the snake is also the strength of the player. The game ends when you hit other snakes. Tips and Tricks
– Eating glowing orbs is important
– When starting out, avoid large sized snakes
– Use Boosts to solve enemies: this is a sudden acceleration skill that creates surprises, destroys opponents but will reduce the size of snakes
– When reaching a certain size can use siege skills that make another snake stuck in your circle
How to play
– Mouse: Move your cursor to control the direction of your snake. Click to go at full speed.
– Keyboard: Snakes can also be controlled using the arrow keys:
Up arrow to go at full speed
Left arrow to turn left
Right arrow to turn right