Slope Game Game

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Slope Game HTML5

Slope Game

Slope Game

Slope Game is the ultimate running game with simple controls, dizzying speed, and super-addictive gameplay. This game requires you to be very quick to control the ball to dodge obstacles along the way. Slope Game is based on Unity 3D platform, beautiful images, rich sound along with unpredictable changes, crazy by the pitfalls that make the game so much loved. There are also many other interesting things, you can quickly play and test your reflexes through this game.
Slope Game has simple gameplay, but its challenges are not simple. The challenge for you in this game is complex terrain. You will have to run on very narrow roads, with only a small mistake that the ball will fall into the abyss. Also, the red blocks are your “enemies”. If you hit them, you will lose immediately. This game has physical elements, so you need to control the ball carefully. Besides, the interesting point in this game is that you can control the speed of the ball. However, there are holes in this game and you have to run fast to overcome it. Forget all the endless running games you’ve ever played, Slope is really a challenge for you.

How to play Slope Game

To play the game, you just need to control the ball over the obstacles by using the left arrow to move left and the right arrow to move to the right. You can control the speed of the ball. There will be a lot of effects while controlling the gravity ball, you need to be very quick and quick to control the ball to avoid the collision or falling into a deep pool, otherwise you will become defeated.