Smashy City Game

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Smashy City HTML5

Smashy City

Smashy City

Smashy City is a game that controls monsters destroying the city.
This game will bring you interesting experiences, although it is a destructive game but its images are not as scary as many other games. In this game, there are many monsters to choose from, each of them has different properties.
Choose a monster and take part in the destruction of the city by smashing down skyscrapers, cars, and military bases …
When you destroy, the army will use all weapons and equipment to fight against you, combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters will surround and shoot bullets or drop mines at you and exert strength. Your health is exhausted. Your health condition is represented by heart images in the top left corner, these hearts are filled with red, if it runs out then you will lose your life. How long can you survive the pursuit of this army and to destroy all cities.
The more you destroy, the more points you will get, earning money while you destroy to upgrade your character to new monsters with more advanced features. You can hatch a dragon, dinosaur or super big monster and create a path of destruction that has never been seen before. You need to destroy everything on your way, then you will fill in the rage gauge and you can use it to move faster or immediately destroy a building.
This game is completely free, can be played with any object, players can also use real money to buy monsters.

How to play  Smashy City

Smashy City will entertain you after your hard work and study and help you kill your free time quickly. It is played through the following control keys:
Use the A / D or left / right arrow keys to move left or right
Use the space bar to enter aggressive mode