Snail Bob 3 Game

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Snail Bob 3 HTML5

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey, Snail Bob is about to travel back in time! Snail Bob did not expect such an authentic experience when he decided to meet his grandfather in the museum’s ancient Egyptian area.
Bob’s curiosity helped him become better when his grandfather showed him a magic portal device. Despite all warnings, Snail Bob decided to press the buttons on the device. It is so fascinating! Now Bob has been sucked into a magic gate and sent to the land of pyramids and mummies. Trapped in ancient Egypt, Bob needs your help to return home in this hilarious puzzle adventure.
Our hero screw, Bob has been destroyed by humans and he has been chased out! You have to guide him around the world and help him find his perfect new home! In each level, you must operate many mechanical devices such as levers to allow the Snail Bob to pass unharmed.

How to play Snail Bob 3

As before, you have to control Bob wisely and think about every step you take. The success of the whole event depends on your strategic thinking. Snail Bob will obediently fulfill all your orders, and you will create a great team that will find this difficult way. Remember that the land is full of magical creatures, each of which wants to prevent you from achieving your goals. However, all the difficulties are nothing when there must be a group led by you! Help our main character overcome all obstacles and overcome all dangers in a completely foreign world.
As you collect stars on your journey, you unlock funny portraits and sculptures. Put your pop culture knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the reference in each one! With many types of puzzles in each stage you will never get bored. Keep a sharp eye for the hidden stars in the background too!