Snail Bob 6 Game

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Snail Bob 6 HTML5

Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6 – Winter Story. Help the snail again, this time through a winter land! Enjoy the interesting puzzles.
The sixth installment of the Snail Bob series takes place in a cold winter featuring 25 levels to beat and 4 mini games to play.
Grab your coat and start the winter adventure in Snail Bob 6: Winter Story. Receiving a ransom is not the Christmas present Snail Bob is anticipating, but it looks like someone kidnapped Grandpa Snail! Time for Bob to take his winter coat and start a new adventure.
With no hint of misery, Snail Bob is preparing to celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year. However, he discovered Mr. Grinch’s evil plans that he had kidnapped a loyal friend of Snail Bob on Christmas Eve. Bob, apparently, was distracted by such a process and hurriedly helped his friend. His loyal teammate is an ant who also went after Snail Bob’s fellows

How to play Snail Bob 6

Explore a series of awesome winter themed levels with snow obstacles and ice traps in Bob’s sixth adventure.
Help Bob and the ant overcome all challenges and save a close friend from the clutches of the bloodthirsty Grinch. The success of the campaign depends only on your intelligence, cold calculation and ability to solve interesting problems. Don’t let kidnappers – kidnappers ruin the most important holiday and break the idiom of the true spirit of Christmas. Return a close friend to the festival and defeat the insidious enemy who wants to ruin everything. Only you and Bob and the ant can carry out the mission, otherwise the fate of a close friend will be in danger!
You can activate many different objects to eliminate obstacles on the way Bob goes. Find all the stars hidden in each table!