Snail Bob 7 Game

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Snail Bob 7 HTML5

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story, Bob is kidnapped by a magic beam. He was left alone to fight a dragon in a fantasy land! Reading a good bedtime story is fun, but in the seventh game of the Snail Bob series, everyone’s favorite snail has been delivered to a real fantasy story like his tough shell. .
This time Snail Bob was in a difficult situation similar to a nightmare. After reading scary stories about the evil dragon, Bob turns out to be in a terrible world, very similar to the living environment of a terrible monster. However, our hero had a lot of nerves
This Internet franchise game has come a long way since the original game was released many years ago. Due to the highly acclaimed success, it had to be improved and released to the public once again in the form of the seventh edition. This new game comes with all the latest graphics on the market and loads of new features as well as upgrades.
Bob has read too many fairy tales and now he can’t stop thinking about dragons and wizards … You can complete all 90 levels

How to play Snail Bob 7

Help Bob find his way to the dragon and defeat him. Use all available tools and look for loopholes at each level. Try to go through many traps and gradually move to the goal. Many tests and quizzes are waiting for you on the way, as well as lots of cunning creatures that want to stop you and not let you get closer to their bloodthirsty and horrible leader. Defeat all enemies, overcome challenges, but try not to participate in a fight. Although you are a warrior, but the most difficult battle to win with patience and wisdom. You and Boba are a great team, and you will go all the way. Use all of Snail Bob’s strength and courage and steer him in the right direction, avoiding obstacles. And he will do the rest!