Snail Bob Game

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Snail Bob HTML5

Snail Bob

Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a great platform arcade game with simple but fun click and click mechanism. Our hero screw, Bob has been destroyed by humans and he has been chased out! You have to guide him around the world and help him find his perfect new home!
Help this shy but spirited snail make the journey to its new sparkling abode!
Originally released in November 2010 as a Flash game. Snail Bob was updated in March 2017 with the HTML5 version.
The Snail Bob game series tells some unique stories about an engaging, brave and ambitious snail named Bob. Bob likes music, likes fishing; He has many beloved friends and grandfather. However, Bob has an irresistible fascination for the adventures that find him on the road. In each new mini game, you will face new challenges and tests that will cause you to think carefully to find a way out of this situation. Among other things, Bob is quite scared and willing to overcome challenges to achieve his own goals.

How to play Snail Bob

Use the tools and suggestions provided to guide Snail Bob through the dangerous construction site!
In each game, you will face different difficulties and you will find yourself in places completely opposite to the planet where you have to find your way home. Some adventures will be interesting and fun, but others will make you think carefully about how to get rid of global problems. But wherever you and Bob will go – together, you will be able to escape any difficulties that in the future will only be a pleasant memory. Looking at this alluring snail, it’s impossible not to admit that he is a great person and deserves his victory!