Sonic RPG 7 Game

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Sonic RPG 7 HTML5

Sonic RPG 7

Sonic RPG 7

Sonic RPG 7 is a character-based fighting game that appeared about a year ago, the events of the film through fierce battles between characters.
You will participate in many levels, each level has different difficulties and challenges. The higher the level, the more difficult it will be, you need to use a skillful combination of different skills to destroy the enemy. You have a lot of skills, the need to do is to determine the strategy that best suits the combat situation and then you will come up with the best solution to kill enemies quickly and maintain your health.
Health is expressed through HP bar, if this bar is exhausted, the character will lose their life.
The game has two modes: one is a play guide, helps you learn the moves, practice the skills then you know how to combine them; The two are a full RPG battle with real characters.
You can choose player mode, play one or two players; With one player mode you will fight with the characters installed by the machine; With the two player mode, you will participate in the battle and will support each other in. In any mode, you need to fight hard, and use the skills and ability to combine attacks.
When you win, you will unlock new levels, unlock all levels to upgrade characters to make your character strongest.
The game is completely free, you can download or play games online and share the results with other players through social networks.

How to play Sonic RPG 7

Sonic RPG 7 is played through the following control keys:
Z, X, C, V to execute attack commands
A, S, D to change the matching strategy in the game
This game will help players relieve stress after a day of study and work hard and help you kill time very well.