Sonic RPG 8 Game

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Sonic RPG 8 HTML5

Sonic RPG 8

Sonic RPG 8

Sonic RPG 8 is the sequel to the character combat game through very dangerous attacks.
The game is based on the movie that appeared about a year ago and tells the events of the film through fierce battles between characters.
This section each level has different difficulties and challenges. The higher the level the more difficult and to overcome each level, you need to use skillful combination of different skills to destroy the enemy. Determine the strategy that best suits the combat situation and then you will come up with the best solution to kill the enemy quickly and maintain your health.
HP bar is an indicator of your health as well as your opponent’s. If this bar is exhausted, the character will lose their life.
The game has two modes: one is to introduce you to a new style (Tutorial) and the other is a full RPG battle with real characters. Before participating in the fighting, you need to train yourself to fight for yourself, practice the skills then you know how to combine them.
You can select player mode, play one or two players ,; With the two player mode you will support each other in each battle. Each battle is a process of fighting with different characters, and the fighting ability is also different. After you win, you will unlock a new level, upgrading characters to make your character the strongest.
The game is completely free, you can play a lot of times, download or play games online and share the results with other players through social networks.

How to play Sonic RPG 8

Sonic RPG 8 uses the Z, X, C, V keys to execute the attack command and the A, S, D keys to change the strategy appropriately during the game. This game will help players relieve stress after a hard day of studying and working.