Sort The Court 2 Game

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Sort The Court 2 HTML5

Sort The Court 2

Sort The Court 2

Sort The Court 2 is the sequel to Sort The Court. Seizing the throne and making some decisions will either help it thrive or completely collapse it. Consult with some of the kingdom’s strangest citizens, hire spies, sponsor projects and more in this quirky simulation game.
In this part, you still play the king or queen of a small medieval kingdom to solve daily tasks, improve the quality and happiness of your citizens. Every day there will be many people making requests, advice and assistance; You use your power to make decisions.
As you continue to progress through everything, your economy continues to grow, people become happier, the population of your kingdom also increases. Just keep in mind, some characters will steal you either by killing your people, or stealing your gold. Gold is used to further expand the kingdom, the main goal of the game is to join the Council of kings and queens, once you do that, you have basically completed the game even though you still Can play again if desired.

How to play Sort The Court 2

Made in just three days for Ludum Dare, Arranging the Court! by graebor, Amy Gerardy and Bogdan Rybak is a simple sim about a king making all the difficult choices to raise your kingdom to a population of 250 by presiding over the decisions that people make for you. every day, though you can only answer Yes or No (type [Y] or [N]) to each surname, and you won’t always know the immediate consequences.
Every decision you make will directly affect the three parameters in your town: population, citizens’ happiness and amount of gold. There may be decisions that increase your gold but lose the citizens you are making to your citizens, so be careful with the requirements to make informed decisions.