Sort The Court Game

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Sort The Court HTML5

Sort The Court

Sort The Court

Sort The Court – is a simple simulation game in which players are responsible for taking on the role of a king and making decisions that will affect the life of the entire kingdom. Good decisions make money for the kingdom and happiness, while bad decisions make the kingdom fall into ruin and despair.
You are the ruler of your kingdom. Becoming a king is not as easy as people think. You must make a decision that will affect everyone who lives in the kingdom, including yourself. Answer all yes or no requests. The right decision will make your kingdom prosper in the long run, but it certainly is not as easy as people think.
As King, people from every corner of your town come to visit you daily and ask for your advice and assistance – it’s up to you if you help these people or turn them down! Who deserves the most help? What actions of kindness will promote the happiness of your population, gold and citizens?
Sort the Court has a lot of charm and cool background music also helps to bring a great feeling. While action fans can get bored quite quickly, those looking for a simple way to have fun for a few minutes should take Arrange to court for a spin.

How to play Sort The Court

Create wealth and make citizens happy. To avoid losing the game, you have to do two things: keep a stacked treasury and try to please as many people as possible. Sometimes, you’ll have to choose between two people, such as when a monster asks you villagers in exchange for money, but it all depends on how your statistics are sitting at that moment. Therefore, it may sometimes be worth losing a few people if you can earn enough gold.