Space is Key 2 Game

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Space is Key 2 HTML5

Space is Key 2

Space is Key 2

Space is Key 2, you will be participating in the game with only one space key to control, your goal is to pass as many levels as possible. With flexible graphics and simple gameplay, Space is Key 2 is hardly innovative but it is a game to test and train your reflexes.
You have played a lot of online office games, in which the use of buttons effectively is essential to be able to complete the game with the best results, isn’t it. In particular, the Space key is most manufacturers put in to let players use and perform certain and important functions in the game.
This attractive free Space is Key 2 game has a simple interface when most are just square and rectangular blocks arranged in the game. You will control a square, and this square has been moved at a relative speed. Your task is to use the Space key to make this square jump over the obstacles arranged in the game. This obstacle may be fixed as well as the body has been designed but make sure you can overcome it with your space key.
The very interesting challenges in Space is Key 2 are hard to describe. In addition, when reaching higher levels, you will face that your square block will move at a much higher speed. In terms of distance when jumping will be dominant, but can you cleverly help your square overcome obstacles at high speed?

How to play Space is Key 2

Use space bar to jump