Space Is Key Christmas Game

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Space Is Key Christmas HTML5

Space Is Key Christmas

Space Is Key Christmas

Space Is Key Christmas is back in this festive version. If I were you, I would ask Santa some more space bars this Christmas. In Space Is Key Christmas, you control a continuous moving block and jump it over the obstacle between you and the opposite side of the screen. Do not think this is a simple game, because you are facing a challenge.
Obstacles are blocks on the road that have different widths and heights. The levels gradually increase and do not stop until the player ends. You need time to dance with absolute perfection if you plan on completing the stage. If you turn off even a fraction of a second, your block will most likely break into small pieces. You will get used to this though, as you will die a lot in this game. And when I mean a lot, I really mean a lot.
The game doesn’t even have a traditional scoring system, but instead keeps the same number of times you die. Dying as few times as possible is your real goal in space is the key, and that’s not an easy thing. If you are a person easily discouraged when you die, you probably will not be a big fan of this. It is a fact of the game, and you will have to get used to it.
Space Is Key Christmas is a game with a lot of content, but this content will last how long you will be determined completely on the type of gamers you have. There are three separate campaigns spread across 131 levels. This may sound like a lot of content, but with each level taking only a few seconds, it actually makes the level count seem less impressive. Each campaign lasts how long you are determined by the number of times you die, so how much time you spend is determined by your good or bad level.

How to play Space Is Key Christmas

Use the space bar button to jump