Spongebob Word Blocks Game

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Spongebob Word Blocks HTML5

Spongebob Word Blocks

Spongebob Word Blocks is a new educational game with interesting words that aims to teach children how to create words and write them in fascinating and wonderful ways.
Go to the game, you have a frame on the right and in that frame, there will be blocks of letters. Although they may seem random, not all of them are, because there are words in them that you need to find.

When you find the first letter of a word, click on the word and then drag across the cells with the other words you have discovered and if you are correct, the blocks containing the word will be deleted. On the left side of the screen, you will see the number of words you have to look for each level, as well as the number of letters they include.

How to play Spongebob Word Blocks

Use the mouse