Staggy The Boyscout Slayer Game

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Staggy The Boyscout Slayer HTML5

Staggy The Boyscout Slayer

Staggy The Boyscout Slayer

Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer, Staggy hates boycotts with a passion! They came to my forest again. Time for some more boycott killings! It is your job to kill them all! Time to kill some more boycott in bloody ways. Many levels and weapon upgrades.
Time to kill some more boycott in bloody ways. Many levels and weapon upgrades.
The scout boy must die. This knight knows scouts in evil ways, and you must help eliminate the freckled crowds. Will you be able to help Staggy kill the troops?
You are a zombie knight living in a forest, who doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Suddenly, the scouts go to the forest and they seem to be looking for friends! Since you don’t appreciate this kind of unexpected and unwelcome visitor, you decide to move on to attack! After each level, you can upgrade your weapons and equipment.
Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer is an instant classic Knight game. Be a brave knight and stop the evil scouts. Use your attacks, moves and weapons to fight and destroy.
Staggy or StagKnight return for more action and he’s angry, so he needs to kill as many boycotts as possible.

How to play Staggy The Boyscout Slayer

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to attack. Arrow keys to move, jump and duck and 1-7 or ZM to change weapons. Press P to interrupt the game.
You can buy things in the store between the rings. A lap lasts for 60 seconds. To buy the tool simply click on the item you want if you have enough money. You get money for killing boycotts or picking chests.