Stick Fighter Game

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Stick Fighter HTML5

Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter

After a shipwreck, you washed ashore in a strange land. This land was ravaged by war and did not tolerate even the strongest. With survival so difficult, you have to fight for everything you get. Start fighting with stick fight characters. This is a great figthing game.
Stick Fighter is an extremely interesting stick and fighting game. In this game genre, the character that the player controls looks very simply as lines drawn by a person using straight and circular strokes.
Coming to Stick Fighter, players will have the opportunity to play the role of a true stick-boxer and participate in fierce battles in the ring. In addition to destroying your opponent, collect as many stars as possible to possess the sharpest weapons.
Stick Fighter lets you create animations frame by frame. Give your stick one of many weapons including swords, axes, bows, arrows… and easily create your own animated battles. Change the size and color of your objects if you like, edit and save your creations. Help the stickman defeat the oncoming enemies using powerful attacks.

How to play Stick Fighter

Press the left or right arrow to attack the enemy