Stickman Boost 2 Game

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Stickman Boost 2 HTML5

Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2 does not calm down, they attract your attention again and this time they invite you to go through a dangerous maze. It’s full of traps and all sorts of unfriendly mechanisms. Help the hero skillfully overcome them, collect coins, sparkle with red gold.
Stickman Boost 2 is an intense platformer game in which you have to navigate through crazy levels to ensure that you reach your destination safely. Control the free-running man and jump over obstacles, slide under a pointed ceiling and jump onto a high platform. Use the arrow keys to control the stickman and also use the restart button if you want to retry the level at any point.
There will be countless crazy places in front of you. Your goal is to find a way to overcome all obstacles. Stickman Boost 2 has 10 levels in which you will jump over dangerous obstacles. Be sure not to get killed, many prizes are waiting for you and have a scoreboard ready to score your highest score. If you fall from the playing field, that means the game is over.
Stickman Boost 2 features a solid but repetitive beat soundtrack. It’s not gorgeous, but it suits the game and compliments the industrial style. The exact sound effects are what you would expect from a browser game, simple game software effects are made available and they fit right in. The sound is basic, but meets my expectations for a simple browser game.

How to play Stickman Boost 2

- Arrow keys to move
– Double arrow key to double jump
– R to reboot