Stickman Boost Game

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Stickman Boost HTML5

Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost is a fast paced action sticman game. Your task in the game is to overcome obstacles and deadly traps to reach the symbol at the end of the level.
There are many levels of play, each level is a different challenge, and none of the levels are the same, the next one is the difficulty level increases.
To pass each level, you need to overcome obstacles, deadly traps such as heavy boxes constantly moving up and down or to the sides and it can crush you, or the gears that when bumped on you will be exploded, sharp spines, circular saws and large gaps along with many other difficulties.
You must navigate through each level and overcome different obstacles through the various special abilities you have such as super acceleration and jetpack. You can run and jump, stick to walls easily, to overcome obstacles. These capabilities are available but you need to exploit them, practice to use them easily.
Along the way, you will collect all the gold coins along the levels to unlock all the achievements.
This is an epic platform game with intense and challenging gameplay, the more you play, the more you will be attracted by the gameplay and its content.
This game is free, you do not have to pay any cost to download and play this game. In addition, you can share with your friends to play.

How to play  Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost uses the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your stickman character and perform great moves like double jump and slide.
Arrow W or up to jump
AD or left / right arrow to move left and right
S or DOWN ARROW to bend down
The game is simple to play but requires the player to practice many of the smooth skills to move skillfully.