Sticky Ninja Academy Game

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Sticky Ninja Academy HTML5

Sticky Ninja Academy

Sticky Ninja Academy

Play Sticky Ninja Academy to become a master of ninja academy by jumping around and defeating other ninjas. Sticky Ninja Academy is completely free and requires no registration.
Go to Sticky Ninja Academy and prove that you have what it takes. You will have to complete various challenges and find your way out of every level as quickly as possible. As a sticky ninja, you have the ability to cling to most walls, even if they are upside down. You just jump towards the escape area and defeat some of your enemy’s ninjas on your way by jumping right above them or you can skip them completely.
Complete 30 training exercises before you can transition to full shinobi state and be considered worthy by your mysterious floating teacher. Careless pace and reckless abandon will not bring you here. Mastering the true art of stick ninja depends primarily on patience, time, accuracy, and, obviously, lots and lots of Velcro. Clever maneuver though each stage in as few jumps as possible to achieve perfect score, avoid environmental hazards, collect treasures and defeat rival students along the way.
Sticky Ninja Academy has many different challenges, so you won’t get bored. You can jump from wall to wall and find your way to the exit, but this can sometimes be more difficult, so sometimes get ready to be discouraged. Even so, you will still love playing Sticky Ninja Academy, try and find out if you are a true ninja.

How to play Sticky Ninja Academy

Use mouse to drag and aim