Sticky Ninja Missions Game

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Sticky Ninja Missions HTML5

Sticky Ninja Missions

Sticky Ninja Missions

Sticky Ninja Missions is a great platformer game in which you are a super skilled ninja on a mission. Your goal in Sticky Ninja Missions is to get rid of thugs and bad guys out of the city and collect as much cash as possible.
Join Sticky Ninja Missions game, you will play as a ninja guy master to overcome the extremely massive and majestic mission system in the game. The gameplay is very simple, you only need to use the mouse, without any additional keys.
Click and drag on the dashed line to let Ninja jump in the chosen direction, then let him go to see him fly and then stick to almost any surface he lands in, horizontal or vertical .. When in in the air, he can overcome certain obstacles, and destroy any enemy that blocks or stays on the ground with a single shot. In addition, the more you play to the levels after Ninja in this fun game, the more martial arts or other beautiful skills will be available.
The graphics in the game Sticky Ninja Missions are simple but very eye-catching and sharp. Game publisher took advantage of the contrast between 2 tones black and white to build this game. The sound in the game Sticky Ninja Missions extremely realistic makes you feel like you’re incarnating into that ninja guy. If you are passionate about action games or are a fan of martial arts, especially Ninja, then you cannot ignore this super interesting game.

How to play Sticky Ninja Missions

Use the left mouse button to drag Ninja