Strike Force Heroes 4 Game

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Strike Force Heroes 4 HTML5

Strike Force Heroes 4

Strike Force Heroes 4

Strike Force Heroes 4 is waiting for you with full of action and excitement. In Strike Force Heroes 4, you and your team are working in a space station, but suddenly the aliens are attacking and starting to get in, destroying them using different weapons in your hand to feed your riffs.
If the campaign mode is not enough for you, Strike Force Heroes 4 offers endless replayability with Challenges and Quick Game modes. Become the ultimate rescue team in a funny storyline with all the flavor of the action flicks and games of old! The game will bring many new features such as the ability to pilot vehicles and create your own bugs. The storyline and multiplayer will not be included in the game.
Strike Force Heroes 4, this new version of the 60 missions, lead the strike force soldiers to victory each other many challenges with customizable weapons and squats. Strike Force Heroes 4 is expected that the time is going great!

How to play Strike Force Heroes 4

Press W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓ to move
Press W key, up arrow key ↑ or “space” key to jump
Press S key or down arrow key ↓ to bow
Press Q key or “Shift” key to change the weapon
Press E key or “Ctrl” key to activate Killsteak
Press R key or right mouse to reload more bullets
Press left mouse to aim and shoot the rival