Strike Force Kitty 2 Game

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Strike Force Kitty 2 HTML5

Strike Force Kitty 2

Strike Force Kitty 2

Strike Force Kitty 2 is the sequel to the fighting game and training the heroes. Your mission is to train the army of cats into powerful warriors and fight the invaders blank.
Cat army will conquer the map to unlock levels and destroy the enemies. When the army of cats enters each terrain, they will collect food that is fish lined up along the way and fight the enemies in that terrain. When they lose or overcome victories in those terrain, they will enter the gym and the ability to fight to improve their strength against other enemies. When they win they will unlock the next level, and when they lose they will practice to conquer the terrain. The cats will practice with training equipment such as weight training, boxing, … under the direction of the trainer.
Enemies in each terrain appear in teams along the way, facing them and participating in battles. One at a time, or the whole cat team will fight to make the opponent’s health gradually reduced. The health status is shown by the number of heart shapes of each animal, when it is over the animal will die.
This game is both for players to participate in exciting battles and has been directly trained to improve the fighting ability, so it is very new and brings many interesting experiences for players.
This game is completely free, you can play online to save the ranking results in the table to like the player or download to the player when there is no internet connection.
The game is suitable for all subjects, you can play anywhere, anytime at any time using Android, IOS devices, computers.

How to play Strike Force Kitty 2

Strike Force Kitty 2 uses the mouse to control and left click to select actions or jump. Wish you will have a good time playing game at our website.

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