Strike Force Kitty 3 Game

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Strike Force Kitty 3 HTML5

Strike Force Kitty 3

Strike Force Kitty 3

Strike Force Kitty 3 is the third part of the fighting game and training the heroes. Your task is to train the cats to become powerful warriors and fight back the invading army.
The army of cats fought the invaders and was defeated so it was very urgent and returned to cultivation. The cats went through a very harsh training regime and they were very serious during the training. They practice every day, with training equipment such as weight training, boxing, jogging … under the direction of the coach. They eat and sleep right at the training site, the images are very real and lively, including the dining table, sleeping tents, health care workers for them when they exercise too hard.
Actually this is a pretty interesting game, it not only gives players the classic matches like in other games but also gives players a sense of training for those warriors. This game focuses on training and fighting. For everyone to see how hard it was to have an invincible fighting army, they had to practice.
After practicing with results, the strength and fighting ability of the cat army has increased significantly, you will let the army fight other enemies. Destroy them to win.
In this section, the army of cats with more outfits runs, fights more and more awesome costumes.
This game is completely free and you can play anywhere, anytime at any time using Android, IOS devices, computers. You can play online to save the ranking results in the table to like the player or download to the player when there is no internet connection.

How to play Strike Force Kitty 3

Strike Force Kitty 3 uses the mouse to navigate and left click to select. This is an extremely lively and interesting game, it gives players the feeling of comfort and the feeling of creating an even greater achievement.It also helps players entertain and kill time very well.