Strike Force Kitty Game

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Strike Force Kitty HTML5

Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty is a cat army fighting game to save the forest being invaded by bad forces.
The army of cats will adventure through areas in the scary forest. They move and collect fish to make food, destroy the enemies on when they meet. These enemies may be strong or they may be weak. Use the skills that the cat army has accumulated to fight.
After winning against the enemy army, the cat army will receive the spoils, maybe weapons, protective armor … Use those things to increase the fighting ability for each individual. object.
When fighting to the end of each terrain, the cat army will fight a room full of enemies, they shoot bullets at the army of cats and you still use what you have to destroy them by attacking. enter the door on the opposite side. When you fail, replace the upgrades for your characters and return to that level to fight and collect fish until you eliminate the stretch.
Enemies in each terrain appear in teams along the way, you can face them and participate in battles to win and collect items or ignore them. Each cat or a group of cats will fight to make the opponent’s health gradually reduced. Health status is shown through the health bar on the bottom left hand side of the screen, when this bar is reduced to the end of the cat army will be destroyed.
Fun game with beautiful interface will bring players much excitement.
This game is completely free, suitable for all types of players, you can play anywhere, anytime at any time using Android, IOS devices, computers.

How to play Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty uses the mouse to navigate the character’s movements and left click to select. This game will help players entertain and kill time effectively.

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