Stunt Bike Game

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Stunt Bike HTML5

Stunt Bike

Stunt Bike

Stunt Bike game is a perfect bike racing game for you. With simple 3D graphics but the game still creates appeal and increases the sense of adventure through each thrilling racing screen.

In the game Stunt Bike, you will transform into a 3D character and start cycling by running through the roads provided on the machine. In true 3-dimensional space, you will have to overcome obstacles such as rope ladders, wooden bridges, planes, and challenging balloons. You will feel like you step into the real racing and collect achievement points by eating coins on the track. The difficulty of the game will increase after you pass each stage, the higher you go, the more obstacles and more difficult, making you have to focus very hard to avoid falling and determination to conquer. be challenged.

Game control

Use the mouse to play