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Stunt Master HTML5

Stunt Master

Stunt Master

Stunt Master is a good game released by the publisher Timuz Game. You will choose cars, bicycles and jump over obstacles like cars, trains, airplanes, buses. It is quite interesting, the more obstacles you overcome as well as the distance you travel, the more rewards you will receive.
Stunt Master is a game that you are looking to master the obstacles you have to choose such as the car, bike or vehicle you want to drive and also the person you have put your talent in the game, you will Need to climb the car to step on the accelerator to change the gear properly for the car, then you have to jump over all the obstacles we encounter. Try to show us how good all of these dangerous patterns are. For this, you must remember that destroying cars because it is not easy to go at the speed of handrails, hoods, car windows that you drive will crush and powder, which is why you have to careful. Try to ignore many clues such as barrels, rubbish piles, stumps, trees intentionally blocking your way.
Stunt Master has spectacular 3D graphics and vivid angles that give players a true gaming experience. In a beautiful backdrop, players can show their driving skills in the air. Play Stunt Master to enjoy the great appeal of challenging yourself in the air.
Become the best Hollywood stunt driver. Drive a bike, car, or just race the track and perform as many tricks as possible.

How to play Stunt Master

Use space bar for nitro, wheelie or jump