Stunt skateboard 3D Game

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Stunt skateboard 3D HTML5

Stunt skateboard 3D

Stunt skateboard 3D

Stunt skateboard 3D is an exciting street skating game. You will control your skateboard moving on the roads, surfing on chairs, on the lake, on the cars built, and many different winding roads. You can make awesome flips to get a really high score, touch and collect what’s on the way to increase the score. Avoid obstacles in the process of moving, the more you perform the stunts you will get higher scores.
You can choose your character along with the skateboard, choose the gender of male or female.
The graphics are great and the gameplay is great – you have a lot of control over your characters and boards, and you can complete a lot of spiky tricks and have no limits in this game.
At the beginning of the game, you can perform basic movements to become familiar with the controls; Once you’ve mastered it, you can start trying some more awesome, harder tricks. You earn points for every trick you successfully complete and the multiplier for most of the tricks you complete without falling, your score will greatly increase.
The game is completely free and helps you relax for hours, it has no time limit, does not require too good playing skills, just practice as much as you will play.
The game is suitable for all players, and you can share it with your friends through social networking sites.

How to play  Stunt skateboard 3D

Stunt skateboard 3D needs to use a combination of characters to make beautiful moves, acrobatics and score really high. You will use the control keys as follows:
Arrow keys to move
X to jump and flip (in mid air). Hold X to grab
Press up arrow twice and hold to nose manual
Press down arrow twice and hold to backside manual
R to restart level