Subway Clash 3D Game

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Subway Clash 3D HTML5

Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D is a third-person shooter game created by Andrew Panov, who also created Rocket Clash 3D. Get off the subway and get ready to lead your team in the battle of the sewers! Shoot and destroy as many of your opponents as possible to land on top of the leaderboards. Pick up lots of weapons and boost your health to help you along the way. Subway Clash 3D on Poki also works on mobile web so you can take fun pictures with you wherever you are.
The deathmatch team in the subway area, sounds great, right? Fight in one of the most classic modes of all advanced AI combat shooters and come up with the best players rankings. The time for each round is limited, in which the team with the most kills will win. You can pick up some weapons, like rocket launchers, from the ground and confirm your domination. Ask those guns for yourself and not for your opponents even a chance to return to the fight.

How to play Subway Clash 3D

WASD keys to move, Spacebar to jump, Mouse to aim and shoot. On touch sensors to move, the gun will automatically fire when aiming at the enemy.
Try to take down the other team in this action-packed shooting game. Explore the abandoned subway station when you search for enemies from another team. Shoot with a variety of guns as you try to help your team win. Use team strategy to give you and your teammates an advantage in this action-packed 3D game.
Cool 3D game taking place underground. Find the enemy in the subway and dispose of him. Become the best player of all. It will be difficult because you’ll have to face many enemies. Take guns, rocket launchers and fight as best you can. Make sure your opponent has no chance of winning and only you become the greatest fighter of all.