Super Blue Boy Planet Game

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Super Blue Boy Planet HTML5

Super Blue Boy Planet

Super Blue Boy Planet

Super Blue Boy Planet is a 2D adventure game that requires the player to make the goal of going to the end of each level and avoiding the pitfalls that appear along the way. Super Blue Boy Planet has no groundbreaking gaming rules or complex storylines to explore. Players will control the character style adventure familiar scene, meaning that will spend most of the time to jump, dodge and overcome all thorns, defeat powerful bosses to rescue his girlfriend.
In addition to the obstacles, players need to be smart to judge the drop point when the help of the wooden blocks appears along the way. At these times, if we do not know the location of the fall, we are very easy to fall into the abyss. In the journey there is the appearance of countless monsters, they lurk and can come at any time to challenge the player’s agility.
The bosses in Super Blue Boy Planet will cause many difficulties, but the game developer also cleverly places buttons on the way for players to use them to call the swings or ladders to reach the location. The next is separated by a deep pool. Players move to the point with a circle of white dots inside the space, climbing in a space that has passed through a gate, equivalent to a game screen.
Not the duplicate challenges, but in each level of Super Blue Boy Planet you will come with a new challenge and a slightly different mode of action. However, all of those levels are very accessible, requiring no players to study or rehearse how to move. The higher the challenge, the harder it will be for players to show their ability to respond quickly.

How to play Super Blue Boy Planet

- Arrows or WASD to move and jump
– Jump with the up arrow or X, A
– Press and hold jump again in the air to surf