Super Santa Kicker 2 Game

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Super Santa Kicker 2 HTML5

Super Santa Kicker 2

Super Santa Kicker 2

Super Santa Kicker 2 is a physics-based puzzle game where you launch Santa by kicking him with your mighty reindeer. The goal is to get him at the chimney at the end of the level, but there are many obstacles along the way. Kick Santa into the chimney and collect all toy sacks. Be careful not to burn him because the funny reindeer gives him a good kick with a new accurate hit. Complete new challenges with presents, bouncing trees, fans, moving platforms and more. You need to avoid spikes & fire to solve each puzzle level.
This is a Christmas game that will definitely keep you happy.
In this version, Santa gains more weight but is not fat enough to be stuck in a chimney. The reindeer will help our Santa kick him into the chimney. Use the mouse to adjust the angle and power of Superman. There will be obstacles so you should be careful.
The game is not as easy as you imagine. To be able to kick the Santa Claus into the chimney is not something you will do right from the first kick. Give yourself the tactics as well as the logic to be able to pass all levels easily and quickly become the player who finishes in the shortest time. It is great to play this fun game in my spare time with my friends and relatives. Let’s enjoy this great game Super Santa Kicker 2 and your super awesome Christmas.

How to play Super Santa Kicker 2

- Use the mouse to aim and measure force.
– Use the left mouse button to launch Santa.