SuperFighters Game

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SuperFighters HTML5



SuperFighters is a cool fighting game with retro graphics, awesome music, and intense shooting gameplay. Before you start the game you can take part in a tutorial to learn the basics and controls. Once you are ready you can enter the arena and start fighting! You can play both PVP and PVE game modes – in PVP you can play against another play using split keyboard controls. Your only goal in this fighter game is will be, to be the last survivor and you’ll have to kill your opponents one by one. Shoot them with the weapons that appear randomly, hit them with a punch or make them fall into the void. The game is fully configurable and you can choose your arena, the number of computer-controlled opponents, or play against a friend.
In PVE mode you can compete against all controlled characters in stages or in single battles. There is a range of different levels to choose from including Hazardous, Rooftop and Police Station. When fighting you must keep moving and stay alert – the gameplay is challenging and the AI opponents are tough! Use a range of weapons such as machine guns, flamethrowers, and grenades to wreak destruction and conquer the Super Fighters arena!

How to play SuperFighters

Player 1 controls:
– Left and right arrow to move
– Up arrow to jump or aim up
– Down arrow to crouch or aim down
– N to deal melee damage
– M to shoot
– “, “to throw grenade
– “.” to use power-up
Player 2 controls:
– AD to move
– W to jump or aim up
– S to crouch or aim down
– 1 to deal melee damage
– 2 to shoot
– 3 to throw grenade
– 4 to use power-up