Sushi Cat 2 Game

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Sushi Cat 2 HTML5

Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2 is a cat feeding game. The cat and wife were out shopping at the local mall when a new enemy, Bacon Dog, saw the cat’s wife and decided to steal her. The cat got his wife back by instructing him to eat lots of sushi.
Collecting sushi makes cats fatter to complete the game levels and unlock new item pages. The number of sushi you need to eat is within the limit of the game, that is, in each level the cat must eat a sufficient number of sushi games. If you don’t eat enough sushi of the required level, the cat is still hungry and you will have to start over. With each new level, the complexity of the game increases. If you manage to complete the game then you will be playing the sequel.
In each level you will be playing a certain number of times, each time you play, you will drop the cat at different positions to eat shushi and fall to the bottom holes. Each level of play is the arrangement of sushi along with different obstacles, be it sticks or rolling objects that make the cat move in different positions. During the course of the game, you will probably receive additional times to help you reach the number of sushi.
This game has been loved and downloaded by many people, it is free to play.

How to play  Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2 just needs to use the mouse to place the cat down position and watch it fall into the position where sushi is placed or touch the levers and fall into the bottom hole. Simple but extremely interesting game will bring you fun and entertaining time. If you like this game, please introduce it to your friends and relatives for them to enjoy.