Sushi Cat 3 Game

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Sushi Cat 3 HTML5

Sushi Cat 3

Sushi Cat 3

Sushi Cat 3 is a game for cats to eat enough sushi required to rescue people.
In the game there are bubbles, music, entertainment, crowds of people and lots of food, the cat carries his favorite girlfriend
The cat must become bigger to prevent giant waves from the ocean hurting the animals on the island. The five levels continue until you help him become big enough. In each level you have to help the cat eat as much sushi as possible, so that it can become fatter. If you don’t eat enough sushi of the required level, the cat is still hungry and you will have to start over.
With each new level, the complexity of the game increases. If you manage to complete the game then you will be playing the sequel.
By eating enough sushi you will complete each level. You have a number of times to perform in each level, if the number of times has not reached the goal, you will play that level again. If completed you will level up and get a lot of bonus points. Every time you perform, you will drop the cat in different places to eat shushi and fall to the bottom holes.
The game continues that way until you reach the beautiful island forest, there is an active volcano. The cat must fill the crater, to prevent it from erupting and being injured. If a volcano erupts, it will cause great damage you can imagine.
This game has been loved and downloaded by many people, it is free to play.

How to play  Sushi Cat 3

Sushi Cat 3 just needs to use the mouse to place the cat down position and get the results returned. Use the mouse to select upgrades. The game is simple and very easy to carry, will bring you entertaining time.