Sushi Cat Game

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Sushi Cat HTML5

Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat is an interesting simple game, feeding cats a lot of sushi to reach a new level of play.
Collecting sushi makes cats fatter to complete the play levels and unlock new levels. Each level, the cat must eat at least 30 pieces to fill his stomach. The elongated stomach cat is depicted on the left, each time it eats sushi, it fills this symbol. If you don’t eat enough sushi of the required level, the cat is still hungry and you will have to start that level again. With each new level, the complexity of the game increases.
Each level of play is the arrangement of sushi along with different obstacles, which can be sticks, rolling objects that make the cat move in different positions along with a lot of other obstacles.
Each level you will be given 4 networks. If you eat special sushi, you will have more life. Depending on the type of sushi rolls you eat, the score may be multiplied by a certain factor.
The more sushi you eat, the faster you will complete the level and achieve really high scores.
This game is suitable for all players, when children play, you do not have to worry about house arrest like other games.
This game is completely free, you do not have to spend money to download and play this game.

How to play  Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat just needs to use the mouse to play. Move the mouse and click and different positions to drop the cat down where you think it will eat a lot of sushi. The game is simple but extremely interesting will bring you fun and entertaining time, if you like this game, please introduce it to your friends and relatives for them to enjoy. Wish you have a good time with this game.