Sushi Slicer Game

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Sushi Slicer HTML5

Sushi Slicer

Sushi Slicer 

Sushi Slicer is a game that is hard to ignore if you are a lover of the classic fruit slashing game series. Check how fast your eyes and hands work. Sushi Slicer is exactly the game you want. Cut and destroy sushi pieces and you will be taken to the next level. Play Sushi Slicer easily addictive and you will find it hard to leave it.
The task of the player is very simple. Using the ability to observe quickly, sharp hands to cut as many sushi ingredients are flying as quickly as possible and avoid them falling to the floor. The flying objects you need to cut are Sashimi, Ahi, Ebi, Ikura, Hamachi, Tako, Tempura Roll …
If 3 sushi objects are not cut and fall, the game will be over. While cutting objects, be careful not to cut a bomb. The goal is to slash as much sushi as possible and score a high score.
Mechanism of playing Sushi Slicer is very simple but brings many exciting and stressful moments. When the amount of sushi and the more quirky blocks, the game will have an interesting transformation, requiring players to surf quickly to pass the level. A game full of fun, great and worth the time entertainment.
With simple gameplay, realistic images and vivid sound system, Sushi Slicer game will definitely bring you wonderful moments of relaxation.

How to play Sushi Slicer 

To start this fun Sushi Slicer game, you just need to press and hover to remove the sushi blocks. With the sharp hands and the experience gained in the previous good games, you will definitely complete well and win this game.